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The development of amusement rides industry
Author: shiqiTime: 2016-05-10 11:19:49

The development of the industry is inseparable from innovation, amusement rides industry as well. Innovation has gradually become one of the more important factors in the development of amusement rides industry. Ideologism does not meet the growing requirements of the new situation. New technologies and new style of amusement rides market demands is urgent. Immature new products on the market can only be short-lived, because it is not sold well, that is a lot of failure. The market acceptance is inferior to traditional classical amusement rides like Carousel Rides, Iuxury Carousel Rides, Simple Carousel Rides, Rotate Carousel Rides, Bumper Cars etc. the conventional products. The senior consultants from Zhengzhou spaceflight amusement rides factory said this phenomenon caused should be analyzed from three aspects:
Tips1:continual innovative ideas
Any new product of amusement rides must contain innovative concept factor, covers:
1. Operating principle of innovation
2. The appearance creativity of innovation
3. Market research explore of innovation
Tips2:Interactive entertainment is strong
Amusement rides are oriented to users, to increase the user experience, entertainment, playability. The design considerations elements of new amusement rides is to have a very strong entertainment, allowing passengers to see this ride which has a strong product interest and enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave.
Tips3:It is important to fully consider the reasonableness of the operation when designing of new amusement rides, to select the appropriate components application and complete security measures. Reduce the failure factors, and eliminate the risk and protection defects of run-time etc.

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